Blogger Blogs, present and past

Throughout the past decades, plenty of projects have come and gone, and blogger’s resources and blogs have been leveraged accordingly.


  • – Mark Rauterkus & Running Mates with more than 12,000 posts
  • Blacks in Appalachia – Wilburn Hayden’s book support, opened in March 2015 with 30 posts in first 2 years
  • Less Active

  • Sunnyhill dot org – UU Church, unofficial blog
  • 1,001 Things to Do with LiveCode
  • Retired

  • eVote – a utility for deliberate democracy for email list voting and polling without any chance of hijacking
  • Expressive Media used as a start up example
  • Market House Children’s Athletic Association
  • Penn Hills Class of ’77 Reunion – work on 30th
  • SUUSI UU Summer Institute
  • Tech Pointers of Mark R
  • YAG 365
  • Old & Dead

  • Carlynton Happenings – politics of past about district
  • ABC of Sports Need to harvest and pull plug on this
  • Allegheny
  • Duquense Heights Community Center
  • Parked and Idle

  • Cool CLOH
  • Erik Rauterkus
  • Grant Man
  • Transportation blogNoise and News, Ratsburgh, about Transit
  • UUA Ask for this domain.

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